Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank You!

I sincerely thank Professor Clive Kessler and Mavis C Puthucheary for attending my book review session last night. I was humbled by their presence not only because it was their book “Sharing the Nation” that I reviewed, but also because they are the authors of many other works on Malaysian politics and society that I enjoyed very much. I also thank Khalid Jaafar for sharing his views on the historical root of Malay society. Most of Khalid’s ideas - for he himself is a self-professed “soft-secularist” in a sea of “Islamist-Malay” world - are thought provoking. His proposition about the Malays’ secular root warrants further investigation though. I also thank Bro. Eekmal from the Middle Eastern Graduate Center (MEGC) for organizing the event last night. For those who attended the session, thank you and nice meeting you all!

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  1. alangkah ruginya saya tak dapat mengikuti program tersebut kerana tak tahu adanya program tersebut.tapi dengan tersiarnya ulasan buku dalam blog ni sdikit sbanyak dapt memberi gambaran tapi..masih tidak memuaskan hati kerana terlepas peluang.

    malie RTM