Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Restore Political Stability

September 16 has gone and BN is still in power. There is this serious question of whether PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim really has the numbers. In a press conference yesterday, Anwar insisted that he had in access of 31 BN MPs who are ready to cross-over but refused to name them. As there have been mounting pressures on Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign, there have also been similar pressures on Anwar to show the names.

In the meantime, UMNO big guns like Muhyiddin, Ku Li and Zahid Hamidi who were earlier rumored to jump ship had come out in the open condemning Anwar.

Crisis is also looming in UMNO, the BN and the government. Threats of impending cross-over and change of government further eroded Abdullah’s credibility and BN’s legitimacy to rule. Open squabble among cabinet ministers over policy issues, Gerakan’s threat of leaving the BN and the questioning of UMNO’s leadership transition plan is just a tip of the iceberg which point toward a more serious legitimacy crisis within the government and the ruling party.

Since March 8, Malaysian politics has not been as stable as it was before and the economy is sluggish. Uncertainties created by attempts to topple the government through defection and perceptions about the government’s lack of legitimacy to rule had affected the country’s economy. Investors have been wary of the political situation and very cautious in making any new investment decisions. Business has yet to pick up despite the festive season. And there is also fear about the looming financial crisis in the US that will inevitably bear its impact on our economy.

If there is any message that Malaysians need to send across to our political leaders, it would be restore political stability, focus on reviving the economy and help the rakyat! Let us put a stop to the seemingly never-ending political drama.


  1. "RESTORE POLITICAL STABILITY!"...Well, it seems your wish has been fulfilled by Pak Lah?!!

  2. It should be fulfilled by anyone who becomes the leader of this nation.

  3. "It should be fulfilled by anyone who becomes the leader of this nation."- Satu bentuk jawapan yang selamat, Dr. Marzuki?!

    I think at this point of time you can just say 'anyone'. It is as same as you say "any Tom, Dick and Harry"?!

    Why just dont you spell and spill, who is "the leader" that you really want?

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for your interest. But, it doesn't really matter who I want to become the leader of this nation. We are here to share ideas and ideas transcend personality. Therefore, it is "appropriate" for me to just say anyone.